Mauna Kea Cameras & Weather

Mauna Kea Cameras

Mauna Kea may be the most connected mountaintop on earth. Our array of web cameras is probably the most complete of any mountain. We use these images to understand better the weather and cloud conditions on the mountain.  Many mahalo's to the observatories for making available these useful and frequently beautiful images.

Mauna Kea Weather Center web cam page

Joint Astronomy Centre
UKIRT (SW view)
JCMT (all directions inside and out)

Canada France Hawaii
looks towards Gemini North observatory

Gemini North
camera looks towards CFHT

All Sky Camera
Looks 360 degrees at the sky

Weather instruments on Mauna Kea

Note: these instruments are all subject to localized influences of domes and mountain slopes and usually will not reflect true ground level conditions.

CFHT - highly exaggerated wind speed from an elevated tower compressed between two domes

UKIRT - weather log (graphical) ****

JCMT - very accurate weather and wind

Hawaiian Forecast Information

Mauna Kea Weather Center*****  (increasingly accurate forecast)

US Weather service office (Honolulu)***

UH Hawaii weather page (the best weather page on the net)*****

Haleakala Weather Stats

GOES satellite image server (excellent space images)****

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