Select your date from the calendar below. We ask that you call us to confirm pickup details when you arrive on the island. If your desired date is not available, please call so we can add you to our standby list: 808-322-2366.

Health Requirements:

Because our tour goes from sea level to almost 14,000’ and no one on our tour is permitted to remain at a lower altitude, there are health requirements to review before making the booking.

Does any member of the party have any history of heart problems?  This includes ANY heart surgery, stents, pacemaker, bypass, heartvalve irregularities and arrythmias etc. ANY history of heart problems is NOT eligible for this tour.

Anyone with a history of respiratory problems? (This includes pneumonia or RSV in the last 6 months, any lung conditions or surgeries, COPD, emphysema) Asthma sufferers that can completely control their asthma with an inhaler and have their inhaler to bring along on the tour, are OK to go.

In addition, this high-altitude tour is a health risk for anyone pregnant, under 13 years old, or anyone with a body mass index (BMI) over40.0 would not be eligible for this tour.

Lastly, no scuba diving 24 hours before the tour.

What you should bring:

A sweater or hoodie, water and your preferred dinner beverage (not provided by MKSA). A sweet munchie for the mountain top helps keep you warm and clear headed. For environmental reasons we do not provide bottled water. Don’t forget fresh batteries for your cameras, the mountain cold can stop a weak set. Your early supper will be served about 1.5 hours before sunset so have an early lunch.

What you should not bring:

Excessive baggage, large coolers or alcoholic beverages

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